1. All of us believe that a great many leaders from other countries will be ______ at the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics.

A. present                 B. necessary 

C. enjoyable                D. important

2. I’m always very ______ when I am asked to recite the text in class.

A. curious                  B. nervous 

C. mysterious              D. conscious

3. Programs on the earthquake were broadcast ______ 24 hours a day on television in those days.

A. alive                B. living 

C. live               D. lively

4. I’d be ______ if you could give me an early reply.

A. worried            B. grateful 

C. satisfied             D. helpful

5. Those MP3 players are usually $35 each, but today they have a ______ price of $19.

A. regular            B. particular 

C. normal             D. special 

6. I’m surprised that you should have been fooled by such a ______ trick.

A. friendly            B. difficult 

C. skillful                D. simple

7. He is such an important person that you should talk in a(n) ______ way.

A. proper    B. usual    C. casual        D. exact

8. —What’s the ______ population of this province?

—Over ten million.

A. total     B. full     C. complete     D. all

9. Cold as it was, the trip was ______ and people were enjoying themselves.

A. different                B. pleasant 

C. amused                D. pleased

10. In general, the amount that a student spends on housing should be held to one-fifth of the living expenses ______. 

A. acceptable            B. advisable 

C. available         D. applicable 

11. Being taught in a small group is far ______ to being in a large, noisy classroom. 

A. adaptable           B. beneficial 

C. preferable             D. influential

12. Young peopl

e are not ______ to stand and look at sports; they want sports they can participate in.

A. enthusiastic          B. content 

C. confident            D. energetic

13. The new research team was led by the ______ engineer.

A. main    B. major      C. chief            D. super

14. She looks very ______ but I can’t remember her name.

A. memorable            B. forgetful 

C. similar                  D. familiar 

15. I’m afraid I must seem very ______ compared with all those interesting people you meet.

A. dull                B. bored 

C. tired                D. annoyed

16. —Are you content with the information she offered?

—Not at all. It couldn’t have been ______. 

A. worse    B. bad    C. better        D. good

17. John told me that ______ nothing important had ever happened when he was on holiday.

A. seldom    B. rarely     C. nearly       D. almost

18. —Do you think he is clever?

—I’m afraid he’s ______ than clever. 

A. more diligent        B. diligent 

C. much diligent                D. most diligent

19. Exercise is ______ as diet to build up a strong body. 

A. so a useful way     B. as a useful way 

C. as useful a way        D. such useful a way

20. I’m pleased to say that I’ve already finished ______ 60% of the work in these three days. 

A. no more than       B. no less than 

C. not more than        D. much less than


1-5 ABCBD   6-10 DAABC    11-15 CBCDA         16-20 ADACB



1. All the people should ______ to help those suffering the earthquake.

A. unite            B. connect 

C. combine            D. add

2. Over the past thirty-two years, Tangshan has ______ a series of great changes in its city image and economy.

A. found            B. appeared 

C. seen                D. looked

3. —Hello, may I speak to one of your reporters?

—Sorry, all of them have gone to ______ the game

s of the Olympics.

A. set        B. meet    C. cover        D. serve

4. Today in China many young people ______ important positions in the government.

A. seize      B. catch       C. grasp   D. hold

5. Early this year cruel snowstorms hit southern China, ______ great transportation problems in some areas.

A. leading              B. causing 

C. resulting              D. creating

6. —How about having some fried chicken?

—Oh, no. It ______ lots of fat.

A. remains            B. contains 

C. keeps            D. includes

7. —Do you think John is coming to attend the lecture?

—Sure. I have ______ him to.

A. advised                 B. suggested 

C. persuaded              D. supposed 

8. You’d better wash the shirt in cold water, or the colour will ______.

A. lose        B. run    C. reduce        D. die

9. —Good morning, sir. Can I help you?

—I’d like a barbecue together with an orange juice. How much do you ______?

A. charge     B. sell       C. pay            D. afford

10. Little Tom, you have to ______ your manners at your uncle’s or I won’t take you there.

A. watch    B. notice       C. care           D. mind 

11. I don’t like the paintings. They don’t ______ well with the walls of the room.

A. fit       B. suit          C. go             D. match

12. It ______ to me that if I had continued that, I would have been rude.

A. happened            B. showed

C. left                    D. occurred

13. If you find something useful on the Internet, you can download and _____ it in your personal computer file.

A. save     B. collect      C. share        D. fill

14. There was once a time when a gentleman would immediately rise and ______ his seat as soon as he saw a lady got onto a crowded bus.

A. offer        B. donate     C. supply        D. provide

15. —I want to go to the cinema with you, Dad.

—Sorry, my darling, but the film is ______ for adults.

A. considered           B. intended 

C. permitted          D. developed

16. Though the job is not difficult to finish within two months,we must ______ no effort.

A. spare     B. give        C. do    D. try 

17. Only ticket-holders were ______ into the stadium for the concert.

A. allowed               B. asked 

C. accepted              D. admitted

18. She could have become a brilliant musician if she’d ______ her mind to it. 

A. followed            B. changed 

C. opened               D. put

19. Each time I fail, my father will always tell me “If your dream is big enough, the facts don’t ______.”

A. cost    B. count    C. value        D. mean

20. Good students always ______ more attention on what the teachers teach.

A. call          B. draw        C. fix              D. attract


1-5 ACCDB            6-10 BCBAD       11-15 CDAAB     16-20 ADDBC



1. To save some of the human languages before they are forgotten, the students in our school started a discussion “Save Our ______”.                (安徽2008)

A. Sky                 B. Life

C. Arts           D. Voices

2. What’s the ______ of having a public open space where you can’t eat, drink or even simply hang out for a while?(福建2008)

A. sense                B. matter

C. case               D. opinion

3. The young man made a ______ to his parents that he would try to earn his own living after graduation.    (湖北2008)

A. prediction           B. promise        C. plan            D. contribution

4. The top leaders of the two countries are holding talks in a friendly ______.(湖北2008)

A. atmosphere

B. state 

C. situation 

D. phenomenon

5. —Shall we go out for a walk?

—Sorry. This is not the right ______ to invite me. I am too tired to walk. (江西2008)

A. moment           B. situation

C. place                D. chance            

6. Have you heard ______ news?The price of ______ petrol is going up again! (湖南2008)

A. the; the             B. 不填; the

C. the; 不填             D. 不填; 不填

7. —I am so sorry to have come late for the meeting.

—It is not your fault. With ______ rush-hour traffic and ______ heavy rain, it is no wonder you were late.    (江西2008)

A. a; a                B. the; the  

C. 不填; 不填       D. 不填; a

8. It’s not ______ good idea to drive for four hours without ______ break.(2008全国卷II)

A. a; a                 B. the; a  

C. the; the               D. a; the 

9. In many places in China, ______ bicycle is still ______ popular means of transportation. (重庆2008)

A. a; the               B. 不填; a

C. the; a               D. the; the 

10. In the United States, there is always ______ flow of people to areas of ______ country where more jobs can be found.            (四川2008)

A. a; the              B. the; a 

C. the; the          D. a; a

Key: 1-5 DABAA           6-10 CBACA



1. —Hi, Mark. How was the musical evening? 

—Excellent! Alex and Andy performed ______ and they won the first prize. (安徽2008)

A. skillfully                  B. commonly 

C. willingly                   D. nervously

2. After the long journey, the three of them went back home, ______.  (北京2008)

A. hungry and tiredly              B. hungry and tired

C. hungrily and tiredly             D. hungrily and tired

3. In spite of repeated wrongs done to him, he looks ______ to people greeting him.    (福建2008)

A. friendly                   B. lively

C. worried                 D. cold

4. In those days, our ______ concern was to provide people who were stopped by the snow storm with food and health care.                        (湖北2008)

A. normal                  B. constant 

C. permanent              D. primary

5. As he works in a remote area, he visits his parents only ______.  (湖北2008)

A. occasionally              B. anxiously         C. practically                       D. urgently

6. Last night Mr. Crook didn’t come back at the usual time. ______, he met some friends and stayed out until midnight.                        (湖南2008)

A. Meanwhile                 B. However 

C. Instead                      D. Yet 

7. Jack is late again. It is ______ of him to keep others waiting.        (江西2008)

A. normal                      B. ordinary 

C. common                   D. typical 

8. You’re driving too fast. Can you drive ______?(2008全国卷I)

A. more slowly a bit                B. slowly a bit more 

C. a bit more slowly                D. slowly more a bit    9. The weather was ______ cold that I didn’t like to leave my room.     (2008全国卷I)

A. really      B. such            C. too          D. so 

10. Ten years ago the population of our village was ______ that of theirs. (陕西2008)

A. as twice large as            B. twice as large as

C. twice as much as           D. as twice much as     11. My brother is really ______. He often works in his office far into the night.  (天津2008)

A. open-minded            B. hard-working 

C. self-confident           D. warm-hearted

12. Although badly hurt in the accident, the driver was ______ ab

le to make a phone call.  (四川2008)

A. still       B. even             C. also         D. ever 

Key: 1-5 ABADA         6-10 CDCDB

       11-12 BA



1. —Are you happy with your new computer?

—No, it is ______  me a lot of trouble.     (安徽2008)

A. showing       B. leaving    C. giving         D. sparing 

2. Don’t be so discouraged. If you _______ such feelings, you will do better next time.    (安徽2008)

A. carry on                   B. get back

C. break down                  D. put away

3. ______ a moment and I will go to your rescue.        (福建2008)

A. Go on                         B. Hold on

C. Move on                    D. Carry on

4. Though having lived abroad for years, many Chinese still ______ the traditional customs.    (湖北2008)

A. perform                        B. possess 

C. observe                    D. support

5. As nobody here knows what is wrong with the machine, we must send for an engineer to ______ the problem.        (湖北2008)

A. handle        B. raise        C. face         D. present

6. The teacher stressed again that the students should not ______ any important details while retelling the story.    (湖北2008)

A. bring out                B. let out

C. leave out                    D. make out

7. In modern times, people have to learn to ______ all kinds of pressure although they are leading a comfortable life.    (湖北2008)

A. keep with                 B. stay with 

C. meet with                 D. live with

8. The present situation is very complex, so I think it will take me some time to ______ its reality.    (湖北2008)

A. make up                    B. figure out

C. look through                 D. put off

9. I ______ it as a basic principle of the company that suppliers of raw materials should be given a fair price for their products.        (江西2008)

A. make         B. look         C. take           D. think

10. If a person has not had enough sleep, his actions will give him ______ during the day. (江西2008)

A. away        B. up             C. in            D. back 

11. The performance ______ nearly three hours, but few people left the theatre early.(2008全国卷I)

A. covered                       B. reached 

C. played                  D. lasted 

12. After studying in a medical college for five years, Jane ______ her job as a doctor in the countryside.    (2008全国卷I)

A. set out                   B. took over 

C. took up                  D. set up

13. —What are you reading, Tom?

—I’m not really reading, just ______  the pages.            (2008全国卷II)

A. turning off               B. turning around 

C. turning over          D. turning up

14. Her shoes ______ her dress; they look very well together.         (天津2008)

A. suit                            B. fit 

C. compare                           D. match

15. Little Johnny felt the bag, curious to know what it ______.   (2008全国卷II)

A. collected                 B. contained

C. loaded                D. saved 

16. It’s going to rain. Xiao Feng, will you please help me ______ the clothes on the line?(陕西2008)

A. get off               B. get back 

C. get in                   D. get on 

17. You have to ______ a choice. Are you going to leave the job or stay?    (四川2008)

A. decide    B. get       C. do      D. make

18. The meal over, the managers went back to the meeting room to ______ their discussion.(天津2008)

A. put away                   B. take down 

C. look over over                D. carry on on 

Key: 1-5 CDBCA           6-10 CDBCA 

  11-15 DCCDB            16-18 CDD